IDM, Experimental, Dubstep, Drum & Bass

The Radio Misery Hour

Outright celebration of self-pity and remorse

Katja Böhler

Say hello to all the people who love electronic music


Releases from the sensual recording world...


Industrial, innovation, experimental and performance

Negative Trip

Harsh, pure & sensitive music from the suburbs of Zurich

John Parsley

Dedicated to deep house, tech, electronic and trip-pop

Reiz Trigger

Noise Pop, Postindustrial, Experimental

Suburban Skulls

Experimental sounds from the ugly suburbs of europe


Deep and minimal - Yan-Martin Ferté from Marseille, France

Pulse Pillow

Dedicated to happy, electronic, minimal, spheric, psy music

Smaak Massaker

Strange Electronic Experiments since winter 1999


Ambient, Goa, Psy, Minimal, Tech, Psytrance & Illbient