Reiz Trigger - Reiz Trilogy EP


Reiz Trigger - Reiz Trilogy EP

Release Year: 2016

Recorded by Tommy Vetterli
and Daniel Stössel

Mastered by Dan Suter


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CD Tracklist


Track Title Length Play New Window Download
01 Intromission 00:20
02 Dark Matter Halo 02:50    
03 This Repulsive Abundance of Wealth 03:40
04 Self Loathing Miniature 04:50    
05 Dream Mantra 08:05    
06 Her Waist 03:56
07 Dream Mantra (Coda) 03:32    
08 Dark Matter Halo (Stephan S Remix) 06:20    
09 Hallucination (Pyrolator Remix) 06:59